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Resonating • Voices Unleashed

《破土 • 撒時悸動》   

25.5.2024 Sat 8pm & 26.5.2024 Sun 3pm

Tsuen Wan Town Hall Cultural Activities Hall 荃灣大會堂文娛廳

Am I passing through?

Is it a journey where we hunt for our beliefs?

Voices unleashed over-there, resonating in the mind.


The multimedia choral theater production, Resonating • Voices Unleashed, combines classical music, movement and theatrical elements. It reinterprets Mass for Double Choir by Frank Martin and various musical excerpts by himself and other influential composers, Bach and Rheinberger. More than thirty choir members lead the audience on a journey through light and image, listening to the resonating voices in your heart, while collectively searching for the key to steadfast beliefs.


Prepare to embark on an immersive choral concert that embodies mutual expression and attentive listening.



那處樂聲,「撒」 時悸動。

多媒體合唱劇場新作《破土 • 撒時悸動》糅合古典音樂、形體及劇場元素,重新演繹馬丁雙合唱團《彌撒曲》及節錄其他馬丁及另外兩位對馬丁甚具影響力的作曲家巴赫和萊茵伯格音樂作品。三十多位合唱團員用歌聲引領觀眾在光與影中遊走,傾聽撼動內心的聲音,同時一起尋找堅守信念的鑰匙。


Creative Team and Performers 創作及演出團隊

Artistic Concept and Music Director 概念及音樂總監 | Dominic Lam 林浩恩

Director & Choreographer 導演及編舞 | Kaki Lee 李家祺

Video Designer 錄像設計 | Cheryl Hui 許穎晞

Lighting Designer 燈光設計 | Michelle Ng 吳敏超

Costume Accessory Designer 服裝配件設計 | Ainsley So 蘇善誼

Pianist 鋼琴演奏 | Jason Liu 廖梓丞

Choir 合唱團 | SingFest Choral Academy 聲蜚合唱節

  • In Latin 拉丁語演出

  • Approximately 1 hour with no interval 節目長約1小時,不設中場休息

  • Programme enquiries 節目查詢 | 5514 6327 /

*Audience is encouraged to move around during the performance 觀眾可隨意移動觀賞演出

^30% off discount for local full-time Students, Senior Citizens aged 60 or above, Disabled Concessionary and CSSA Recipients 本地全日制學生、60歲或以上高齡人士、殘疾人士、綜合社會保障援助受惠人享有7折優惠

香港藝術發展局全力支持藝術表達自由,本計劃內容並不反映本局意見。Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.

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