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Bach im Theater 巴赫劇場
Markus-Passion 聖馬可受難曲 (BWV 247)

20.07.2019 (Sat 六) ︳8:00PM

Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre 葵青劇院演藝廳

Re-constructed and conducted by Matthew Halls 

Soloists, Choir and Baroque Orchestra 獨唱、合唱及巴羅克樂團:
SingFest Choral Academy 聲蜚合唱學院

Jesus 耶穌:Holger Krause 克勞斯(Germany德國)
Evangelist 傳道者:Wolfram Lattke 拉特克 (Germany德國)


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按此 瀏覽完整演出名單!

He didn't plead or revolt while walking on the way to the Cross.

People all condemned the Man with no sin as worthy of death.


20 July 2019, SingFest presented a brand new “Bach im Theater” production, BWV 247 Markus-Passion (St Mark Passion), reconstructed and conducted by Matthew Halls. This classical choral theatre combines vocal, choral and early music, as well as physical movement and theatrical elements to depict a choral masterpiece from a contemporary angle. It is the first-ever staged production in town which showcases a revered work of Bach as to passion narratives recounting the death of Jesus.   


Proactive in promoting choral music through the highest quality of performances, SingFest strives to pursue not only the finest artistic standard in musical aspects, but also a broader theatrical context. We believe innovation is the key to keeping classical choral arts alive.

(Performed in German, with Chinese and English surtitles)





2019年7月20日,聲蜚合唱節製作全新「巴赫劇場」,呈獻由霍爾斯重新整理及現場指揮之BWV 247《聖馬可受難曲》,以古典合唱劇場形式,結合獨唱、合唱、古樂、形體及劇場,把耶穌受難的事蹟重新演繹。本節目首次探索巴赫的大型合唱作品,將受難曲當中極富戲劇色彩及張力的音樂精粹活現本地劇場。





Programme Partner 節目伙伴


“choral:Images” is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of

the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. This production is part of the project.

The content of this programme does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 

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