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Germany tour 2022 - St. John Passion

Photo credit: Max Lee

SingFest has brought the latest Bach im Theater production: St. John Passion to the Thuringia Bach Festival on 9 April 2022, 18:00 at Erfurt - Theater Erfurt.

Thuringia Bach Festival 
Bach’s St John Passion as a show trial

"What is truth?" says Pilate to Jesus in the mock trial to condemn Jesus to death. This sentence, two millennia old, is more relevant today than ever before and gives Bach's St John Passion an unexpected socio-political dimension. 

The staged performance by SingFest, lautten compagney BERLIN, and the Thüringer Bachwochen seeks answers to the question of individual truth and freedom in the face of an overpowering state apparatus in a contemporary visual language.


Law Tsz Ying (Soprano)

Carmen Bat (Alto)
Gary Kam (Tenor)

Matthew Keung (Tenor)

Caleb Woo (Bass)


Concept and Co-Director︱Patrick Chiu

Choreographer and Co-Director︱Ivanhoe Lam

Co-Choreographer︱Lim Wei Wei

Chorus Master︱Dominic Lam


Set Designer︱Jan Wong (HK)

Lighting Designer︱Anfy Shum, Yeung Tsz Yan (HK)

Costume Designer︱Ainsley So (HK)


Production Manager︱Lawrence Lee (HK)

Stage Manager ︱Ronly Lam

Deputy Stage Manage︱Liza Wong

Photographer & ASM︱Max Lee

Operations︱Tse Pui Yu (HK)

Marketing & Development︱Elaine Ng (HK)

Project Manager︱Christy Chow (HK)

St. John Passion - trailer

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