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Bach im Theater: St. John Passion

Photo credit: Max Lee

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Upending both the biblical story and Bach’s masterpiece

Fusing Baroque music and contemporary theatre, choral artist Patrick Chiu and choreographer Ivanhoe Lam audaciously recast J.S. Bach’s voice types and dramatic figures, where choristers and soloists engage in movement and action, bestowing the crucifixion story and Bach’s choral masterpiece with an entirely new character.


Performers from Hong Kong, Germany, Japan and the USA hailing from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds — and dressed in everyday clothes — play the roles of Jesus Christ, Peter, Pontius Pilate and the Jewish people. No matter whether in musical treatment, movement and staging, this production peels off layers of history, catapulting Jesus Christ and Bach into the 21st century: When all humanity is interlinked through politics, economics and technology, can we afford to be a spectator? How can anyone bear to live with irrevocable, fatal mistakes?

In the role of Jesus, Reginald Mobley is one of today’s hottest countertenors, having been invited to perform at coronation ceremony of Charles III and the BBC Proms this year.

Breaking through conventional interpretations of Bach’s music, a preview of this production at Thüringen Bachwochen in the composer’s home country last year received rave reviews.




飾演耶穌的 Reginald Mobley為炙手可熱的高男高音,今年受邀於英國國王加冕典禮及BBC Proms演出。


Concept / Co-director | Patrick Chiu

Concept / Co-choreographer / Co-director | Ivanhoe Lam

Co-choreographer | Lim Wei-wei

Chorus Master |Dominic Lam

Stage Design | Jan Wong

Lighting Design | Yeung Tsz-yan

Costume Design | Ainsley So

Countertenor (as Jesus) | Reginald Mobley

Soprano (as Mary Magdalene) | Kenix Tsang

Bass (as Pontius Pilate) | Simon Robinson

Tenor (as Simon Peter) | Christopher B. Fischer

Dancer | B-boy Think @Good Job Brother

Conductor | Wolfgang Katschner

Vocal Ensemble (as Jury)

(in alphabetical order)

Carmen Bat 
Gary Kam 
Matthew Keung 
Rachel Kwok
Erica Lam 
Lam Kwok Ho
Law Tsz Ying 
Lee Yu Ching Fifi 
Leung Wai In, Phoebe 
Carmel Tse 
Ariel Wong 
Caleb Woo 

Chorus | SingFest Choral Academy

Orchestra | lautten compagney BERLIN

Producer | Jamie Wu

Production Manager | Eva Chau

概念 / 聯合導演 | 趙伯承

概念 / 聯合編舞 / 聯合導演 | 林俊浩

聯合編舞 | 林薇薇

合唱指導 | 林浩恩

舞台設計 | 王健偉

燈光設計 | 楊子欣

服裝設計 | 蘇善誼

高男高音(飾演耶穌)| Reginald Mobley

女高音 (飾演抹大拉的馬利亞)| 曾麗婷

男低音 (飾演羅馬總督彼拉多)| Simon Robinson

男高音 (飾西門彼得)| Christopher B. Fischer

舞者 | 曾子驊@Good Job Brother

指揮 | Wolfgang Katschner



合唱團 | 聲蜚合唱節

管弦樂團 | 柏林魯特文藝復興樂團

監製 | 胡家欣

製作經理 | 周怡 

The documentation of this production under Hong Kong Arts Development Council’s Matching Grant Scheme is supported by:

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