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Proactive in promoting choral music through the highest quality of performances, SingFest strives to pursue not only the finest artistic standard in musical aspects, but also a broader theatrical context. We believe innovation is the key to keeping classical choral arts alive.

The mission of SingFest, a charitable organization, is to provide the highest quality of performances and innovative educational opportunities connecting local vocalists, instrumentalists, audiences and donors. Since 2012, SingFest has launched a series of choral-related education programmes for professional musicians, school teachers, university and secondary students, as well as music enthusiasts, under the guidance of world-class maestros.

For the future, we want our sociality to produce more artists, so we also launch different educational camps and masterclasses for training students who aim to be an artist. We hope that we can through education to promote art in our sociality and turn our sociality from culture desert to green state.







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