Genesis, Vision

                  & Mission

© Yvonne Chan

Being determined to facilitate the development of choral-orchestral music, two conductors came into dialogue:
The world-renowned German maestro Helmuth Rilling and a Hong Kong-raised choral artist Patrick Chiu,
who share the vision of inspiring humanity through the beauty of music.

This is the genesis of SingFest, Hong Kong's first professional choral-orchestral summer festival.

The mission of this annual event is to provide the highest quality of performances and innovative educational programmes, involving the community of local singers, instrumentalists, audiences, and donors in a manner that assures the long-term survival and growth of the festival.

As one of the major music events in Hong Kong, we emphasize three core values:
1. Artistic Excellence of the local classical choral-orchestral performers;
2. Education for the younger generations (both professional training and audience building);
3. International Connections of the local bodies with overseas organizations and festivals.
It is expected that the impact of SingFest will be a more connected cultural scene with an immediately improved artistic level under the guidance of world-class maestros.